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Ancient Rome Game

Imperator Caesar and Senate need your managerial skills. Their extensive plans on development of the Roman Empire call for people able to put the policy of Rome in remote provinces into life. The game Ancient Rome is economic strategy, in which the Governor will need much wisdom for management and development of the territories of the Roman Empire. Few will be able to complete the tasks assigned by Caesar and Senate. But legends glorifying their wisdom will be composed of those few who will cope with hardships and difficulties in the new territories. Do not withhold trust of Caesar and Senate.

The Imperator’s Counselor will be assigned to assist you, he will direct you and help with his wise advices in hour of need. You will have to master several dozens of settlements that afterwards will be turned into powerful cities. You must take the first step to settle these territories and prepare them for settlement by roman citizens. Praise and rewards won’t keep you waiting. Build, trade, develop and the world of Rome is your oyster! At this site you can download the demo version of the game Ancient Rome for free, after playing it you may buy the full version of the game Ancient Rome.

Interesting story, immersing into the game world. 30 levels will guarantee the hours-long suspenseful game. Unusual system of the player’s rewards. creates great atmosphere of ancient Rome. Various types of structures and goods. Possibility for building Roman Empire of your own.

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